Healthy Communities Fellowship

Supporting local leaders who are spearheading community initiatives that address health inequities.

What is the Healthy Communities Fellowhip?

Using the Aspen Global Innovators vast experience and expertise in communications and influential mainstream platform, we provide communications and storytelling trainings to leaders who are building healthy communities and are frontline innovators. By connecting these leaders to our platforms and leveraging our access to media outlets, their voices will reach mainstream audience. Armed with their stories and new skills, they will be better equipped to write op-eds, speak on panels and reach new supporters to grow their leadership and innovations.Fellows will amplify their messages, stories and expertise to leading experts, frontline health workers, innovators, and policymakers to address key issues in cultivating healthy communities.

Why become a fellow?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been revealing long-standing and deeply rooted inequities that have existed for years within our healthcare systems but also within our communities. We are committed to amplifying the voices of local leaders, such as frontline health workers and innovators, spearheading community initiatives addressing these inequities.

  • You have a desire to do good in your community
  • Have a record of significant positive impact in a local community
  • Have a passionate, personal connection to the community and the health challenges being faced by its members to the lives of others
  • Demonstrate a willingness to receive collaborative feedback from group of fellows and trainers and part of a team
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Healthy Communities Review Committee

In the US and across the globe, community leaders are showing up, starting initiatives and growing efforts that address the health inequities at their root. The Healthy Communities Fellowship hosts this Review Committee of renowned leaders to advise on fellow selection and program development.

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